Online Shorts: Fall 2012

Note: This is a continuation of a new format for my blog, namely, short summaries and commentary on a series of recently published reports and articles.  The sheer volume of newsworthy academic and press reporting about online learning makes this new format a necessity for covering a wider array of interesting developments in this field. The theme for these short articles is open online education and future online trends.

Riding the MOOC Wave

In addition to prestigious institutions, the new push to open education leaves many opportunities for those entrepreneurs that see profit potential in this field.  The article contains a note of caution in regards to “bad apples” entering the MOOC fray—which may undermine legitimate efforts of the major players.

Manifesto for Online Teaching

This is an interesting manifesto for outlining some principles for online learning. It contains some fresh perspectives on viewing the potential for online learning.

Alternative Credentialing for Manufacturing

This is an important article about the potential for “stackable credentials” in U.S. manufacturing. Such credentials, if they become more widespread, pose a real alternative to a traditional degree if they clearly become linked to employment at the end of this process.

Source: Inside Higher Education, July 18, 2012

Ohio State Hires a Provost for Online

A sign of things to come as online learning becomes an increasing part of the higher education pedagogical landscape and an essential component of universities’ strategic planning.  At Ohio State, Gearhart says she plans to lead and improve the online learning efforts.

“When the provost hired me, one of the things she wanted me to do is just take a strategic look at where e-learning is at Ohio U, where it needs to go, how we’re going to get there, and how we’re going to support the colleges and the delivery of their programs.” (quote from article)

Gearhart also says the program will make education more “accessible and affordable” to many people.

Perdue President Sees Online Learning as a Revenue Source

With revenues declining from government support for research, Perdue University’s president, Tim Sands, is looking to the expansion of online programs as a source of revenues to bridge the gap.

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