Forum for CUNY Instructional Technologists

Overview of Event

As a followup to my panel at the CUNY IT Conference entitled “Navigating the Sea of Instructional Technologies at CUNY Campuses,” I will be hosting a forum on that topic at CCNY’s CETL this January 15th.  All CUNY faculty, staff and administrators involved with instructional technology administration, implementation, planning, teaching or faculty development are invited to attend.  To download the above flyer, please click on– Navigating-IT.

I envisioned this event as an opportunity for technologists, faculty, and administrators throughout CUNY to informally get together to discuss a concern for all of us, namely, successful implementation of instructional technologies (ITs) at our respective campuses. In addition to several (short) presentations, participants will work in small groups to brainstorm issues like:

• Instructional technologies impact on teaching
• Visioning and strategic planning in this area
• Instructional technologies for hybrid/online teaching
• Process of choosing ITs on campuses
• Role of CUNY Central for IT implementation
• Major issues/problems with campus IT implementing
• Collaboration among CUNY schools in this area.

Space is limited. If interested, please register at the link below.
(link deactivated post event)

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4 Responses to Forum for CUNY Instructional Technologists

  1. Thanks Alyson. Yes IT is changing rapidly–faster than most institutions can deal with. Thanks for the update…Bruce

  2. Alyson Vogel says:

    Right on the heels of this presentation comes this news from the CSU people-“For the pilot project starting this month, courses will be limited to 300 students — half from San Jose State University, and half from local community colleges and high schools — who will pay lower than usual tuition. The cost of each three-unit course will be $150, significantly less than regular San Jose State tuition. Sebastian Thrun, one of the founders of Udacity, would not disclose how much the company would be paid for its participation. ”

    a bit too radical perhaps?



    San Jose State University is piloting $150 remedial and online undergrad courses– what are your thoughts?

  3. Thanks Adam. Looking forward to your contribution/talk. Please bring your colleagues–Bruce

  4. Bruce,

    I am looking forward to this event!


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